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Contains all Physics Topics and Sub-topics for a year.
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In the Biology Modules, CSTS brings various organisms and key concepts and processes in Botany, Zoology and Medicine to digital life. Students can perceive the facts of sense organs respond to external stimuli.

The Various physiological processes that occur within the cells of animals and palnts are clearly explained by various processes such as diffusion, osmosis and active transport. Students learn a great deal about the human body. plant, animal and much more.

CSTS Biology contains all topics and sub-topics in the waec/igcse currculum with diagrams, animations, voice-over, assesments, glossary and lots more.

For example: The process of germination is animated and visually represented. The time taken for the process is speeded up. This gives students the experience of a field trip. It also gets over the difficulty of waiting for days on end for the plant to germinate, grow and bear flowers and fruits. They can easily observe - fast forward or rewind the different stages in the enthralling world of virtual reality.